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Today's Phrases.

Posted by ESC on August 22, 2003

In Reply to: Today's Phrases. posted by kathaab on August 21, 2003

:'s the list today..thank you very much.

: 1.I'm getting to the end of my tether.

: 2.your sisters are running rings round you

: 3.don't give up on her

: 4.draw up a list of chores

: pass on details

: your heart out

: poke out my eye.

: 8.I was freaking out

: carve out a successful career

: 10.has failed to get a grip on something

1. I'm getting to the end of my tether. I am coming to the end of my strength, patience, endurance. Same thing as "the end of my rope." From Merriam-Webster online (meaning 2):
Main Entry:
Pronunciation: 'te-[th]&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English tethir, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse tjOthr tether; akin to Old High German zeotar pole of a wagon
Date: 14th century
* something (as a rope or chain) by which an animal is fastened so that it can range only within a set radius
* the limit of one's strength or resources

2. your sisters are running rings round you. Your sisters are doing better than you are. They are running around you while you stand still.

3. don't give up on her. Don't think she's a "lost cause" and stop helping her or believing in her.

4. draw up a list of chores. Write a list of chores.

5. to pass on details. It can mean two opposite things. Give someone else details, information. Or it could mean someone doesn't want to know the details, as in, "No thanks. I'll pass."

6. eat your heart out. Worry excessively about something - let it gnaw at you. Or care too much about something.

7. to poke out my eye. Jab your eye with a finger, a stick, whatever. As in, I'd rather poke out my eye with a sharp stick than go shopping with her again.

8. I was freaking out. I was really upset.

9. to carve out a successful career. To me, "carve out" implies that the person created a niche in a profession. Or worked really hard on success.

10. has failed to get a grip on something. Has failed to get something under control. Also, failed to "get a handle" on something.