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Please help me with this dialogue about cribbage.

Posted by Kashima on August 21, 2003

I am now translating a TV drama in which two people(A & B) are playing cribbage.Each time they pick out a card, put it down on the table, and do something on the cribbage board, they say:
A: Okay, Pair.
B: Pair Royal.
A: Fifteen
B: Two one more......And I win.
A: Well, you're cheating!
I have already checked the rule of cribbage, but still cannot figure out the meaning of "Two one more".
Does it mean that B is taking out the 2 of Spade (or Heart or Diamond or whatever)? Or does it mean that B has earned another 2 points to achieve 121 points and win the game? I know that this is not a cribbage homepage, but I don't know anyone around me who is familiar with this game, since it isn't so popular in Japan. I would be very grateful if someone would help me out with this phrase "Two one more". Thank you.