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Again: "Called Million..."

Posted by Masakim on August 29, 2003

In Reply to: Again: "Called Million..." posted by sphinx on August 29, 2003

: Folks, could you please help me just a little on this?

: In the title of Macro's book, "The book of Marco Polo, Citizen of Venice, Called Million, Wherein is Recounted the Wonders of the World", how to explain "Called Million, Wherein is Recounted the Wonders of the World"?

The Book of Marco Polo
Marco Polo's fame today derives from a book about his travels, told to and written by a writer from Pisa named Rustichello. The book is not so much a diary of his travels as it is a book of observations about his journey, a gazetteer of all that he saw. In Marco's day, the book was translated and copied by hand into several languages. Christopher Columbus often consulted a copy during his own voyages. It has been published many times, in many countries, and under many names. It has been called The Book of Travels, The Travels of Marco Polo, The Book of Ser Marco Polo, A Description of the World, and even, Il Milione. This last was a nick-name given to Marco by critics of his million stories.