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The number in brackets after a post

Posted by Bob on November 04, 2001

In Reply to: The number in brackets after a post posted by Sauerkraut on November 04, 2001

: It is my understanding - and please correct me if I'm wrong - that this number indicates how many times an entry has been read.

: If so, why doesn't it change if I read something, log out and come back?

: If it should change, it would appear that mny posters are not interested in reading replies to their post, sonce I see a lot of zeros.

The indicates the most recent, not-yet-responded-to entry. A is one generation back. Thus a connected chain of responses that build on each other might be numbered the earliest, , , , , and , the newest. Each is indented and re-numbered as new entries arrive. Where you see two 's under an entry, they each arrived independently as responses to the same . Note that they are also not indented.

Now, when you're in an answer, you can tell who's answer is which by the ::: in front of all the paragraphs that came from the same answer. There's a "change of voice" from :::: to ::: to :: to :

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