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The Fightin' Side of Me

Posted by ESC on October 28, 2001

For those whose delicate sensibilities are offended by the song "God Bless America," (see next post) I offer this alternative:

The Fightin' Side Of Me
Written and performed by Merle Haggard
c1970 Tree Publishing C., Inc.

I hear people talking bad about the way they have to live here in this country.
Harpin' on the wars we fight, gripin' 'bout the way things ought to be.
I don't mind them switchin' sides and standin' up for things they believe in,
When they're runnin' down our country man,
They're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

They're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.
Runnin' down a way of life our fightin' men have fought and died to keep,
If you don't love it, leave it,
Let this song that I'm singin' be a warnin',
When you're runnin' down our country hoss
You're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

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