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How do I say "Creed Based Soley on Scripture"

Posted by Bruce Kahl on October 06, 2001

In Reply to: How do I say "Creed Based Soley on Scripture" posted by Stan Lemon on October 05, 2001

: In Latin how do I say Creed Based Soley on Scripture? This is for a worship service I am pieceing together, I would like to use it as the name for one of the elements of the service. If anyone could help me I would appreceate it.

I don't know the Latin for "based". I tried "because of" and "as a result of" but that, I think, was real dumb.

So I went with the simple--"Faith for the most part from ancient writers" which is "Fides plerumque ex priscis scriptoribus."

Please double check my translation at: as I am not 100% sure of my work.

And there is another Latinphile around these parts named Barney who can help also.

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