2 Latin inscriptions I tried to create from English...

Posted by David Harlow on October 02, 2001

I am creating my own artwork (for an audio CD) which borrows a lot from a style typical of
the title pages of some 18th century english novels I've read by authors like Fielding and
Richardson, Anyhow, 2 years of highschool latin and much more than 2 years time since
passed hasn't enabled me to create my own Latin inscriptions with confidence! If anyone
would like to comment on or assist me with my preliminary results below (be kind), I'd really
appreciate the help. Thank you.

English: But for the pursuit of Love, I'd fall prey to Death.
Latin: Sin non consectatio de Amor, fieri praeda de Mors.

English: While the fickle masses sleep, we come out to play.
Latin: Cum mobile vulgus dormiunt, convenimus ludere.