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Anyone know a phrase something like "rullo pullo"?

Posted by Masakim on October 05, 2001

In Reply to: Anyone know a phrase something like "rullo pullo"? posted by mary on October 05, 2001

: help I don't think it is rolly polly...but it could be rollo pullo....what does it mean?
: Thanks

roly-poly n. [early 19C] a game known as 'un-deux-cinq'. [? the same game as that noted by Johnson : 'a sort of game, in which, when a ball rolls into a certain place, it wins']
roly-poly n. [19C] the penis ... [play on PUDDING ... + SE _roly-poly_, stout, podgy]
From Cassell's Dictionary of Slang by Jonathon Green

Eric Partridge, in A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, gives another meaning:
roly-poly. ... 2. A jam roll pudding: 1848, Thackeray: coll. till ca. 1880, then S.E. Abbr. _roly-poly pudding_, also in Thackeray . Also _roll-up_ and _dog in a blanket_. ...

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