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Poo tickets

Posted by ESC on November 09, 2001

In Reply to: Meaning of saying/phrase posted by Anna on November 09, 2001

: Does anyone know the origin of the saying Pack of Poo Ticket meaning, something of poor quality, not very good, a mess etc ?

: Would appreciate your help. thank you.

From another site: "It's regional, and I've found very few expositions for Australian slang. Y'all would actually be the resource I'd turn to for this, but, what I've found is that a 'pack of poo tickets' is a roll of toilet paper. Why 'tickets?' 'Cause it's funny and finishes the phrase with fricatives, but particularly due to the imagery of a slip of paper. I can only try to rationalize the association with disarray with an implied sense of used toilet paper [or a spent pack of poo tickets (soiled, wadded up, etc.)]. 'Bathroom tissue,' by it's very nature, has a negative connotation, but that wouldn't seem sufficient to relate disorder in itself."

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