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Posted by Alex on November 15, 2001

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: : Hi!,
: : Can somebody tell me the meaning of the pharse "It takes two to tango"
: : Regards,
: : Vinuta

: The tango is one of those sensuos latin dances with lots of close partner contact, including "dips" where the male partner bends his lady backwards. I'm sure you've seen the routine in a movie or on TV.

: It would be impossible to conduct this dance solo, thus the phrase has extended to mean that some ventures - whatever they may be - are pointless when attempted alone.

It's also used in more specialised sense as a rebuttal to someone denying their responsiblity for something and trying to blame it all on someone else:
"I shouln't have slept with him last night. It was all his fault."
"Oh yeah, it takes two to tango baby."