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Crummy but good

Posted by Donovan Kelly on November 07, 2001

In Reply to: One for the yobs posted by Gary Martin on March 05, 2001

In 1997 (June 4) I began doing a series of reviews of "crummy but good" restaurants for the Washington Post (Washington, DC). I defined crummy as "A place that looks so bad from the outside that you would hesitate to take your Mother inside, especially if she were wearing her best dress." I defined good as meaning "Once inside, you find a combination of a good menu, good food, relaxing atmosphere, friendly people and reasonable prices. A place to relax, joke, put your feet up and with enough variety that you wouldn't mind eating your next meal there too."

Post readers nominated over 100 Crummy But Good restaurants in the Washington area. I wrote about 40 crummy but good reviews for the Post from 1997-1999. A crummy but good restaurant book is in the mill and I've begun doing crummy but good reviews for WAMU public radio station in Washington. Trade mark pending.

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