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Posted by Lee Gilchrist on October 29, 2001

In Reply to: Poindexter posted by Lee Gilchrist on October 29, 2001

Hold it.that's wasn't Poindexter, that was Sherman. My mistake! And I see I also misspelled Brainiac (or was it Braniac) in my previous post. Oh well.just one of those days.

: In the old Rocky and Bulwinkle (Bulwinkel?) TV cartoon, Mr. Peabody (a time-traveling dog/scientist) had a boy named Poindexter who wore large glasses and was smart of course. It's probably not the origin of the use for a "brainiac" -- but it may have helped to popularize it.

: By the way, the original "Brainac" was one of Superman's alien nemesis and the original owner of the shrunken Krypton city of Kandor.

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