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Posted by Shae on September 16, 2003

In Reply to: "Dosser' posted by Bob on September 16, 2003

: : I heard this in a song lyric. "Just one old "dosser" lurching down Oxford Street, to spend his Christmass lying in the rain." What is a "dosser?" Thanks.

: Perhaps you heard "tosser" a UK insult (not used in the US) for a masturbator, loosely meaning a worthless person. "Wanker" is similar, also not heard in the US. The American equivalents are "jerk" or "jerkoff" with roughly the same level of insult and/or vulgarity.

A dosser in Ireland is a person who avoids gainful employment and usually depends on charity to survive. Hostels that provide free or very inexpensive accommodation are 'doss houses.'