White on rice

Posted by Bookworm on September 26, 2003

In Reply to: White on rice posted by Shirley on September 26, 2003

: Does anyone know where the phrase "...like white on rice" originated? and what, exactly, it means?
: We're in hysterics here about some of the reasons we've made up...but would be nice to know the real one.

: Thank you!

I am not sure as to the origin, but I would guess it originated in the Southern part of the US.

I do know the meaning. It is used when a person is all over you, either figuratively or literally. For example, if you come home late your spouse may be very upset and be on you "like white on rice". Or literally, it can imply two people in *very* close proximity to one another. For example, a tailgater would on you "like white on rice."