Taking the high road - puke politics

Posted by ESC on October 06, 2003

PUKE POLITICS/PUKE JOURNALISM -- "It was Bill Lockyer, the Democratic attorney general of California, who first spoke of the possible 'puke politics' that Gray Davis was likely to spew out before the election, to smear his opponents. But it's the Los Angeles Times that has been the outlet of Davis's puke politics against Arnold Schwarzenegger. Carl Limbacher and the NewsMax staff report this story, ''L.A. Times Caught Lying Again: Davis Hack IS Behind Attack,'' which is reprinted by permission.." From "Here's What's Behind the LA Times' Puke Politics," Posted by Elaine Long, Monday, October 06, 2003.

"The Democratic slime machine, led by the once prestigious Los Angeles Times, employed this strategy to a tee starting this past.Thursday. 'Puke journalism' at its finest." From "'Puke Journalism' Repudiated," exclusive commentary by Patrick Rooney. Oct 6, 2003. The Washington Dispatch www.washingtondispatch.com/ article_6787.shtml Accessed October 6, 2003.