Hello! I need help!

Posted by Lewis on September 08, 2003

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: Hello everybody!
: I need to know the meaning of these proverbs:

: 1)The wilful man must find his way (Does it mean that it is good to be wisful or not?)

a wilful person is somebody who has so much determination that they do not take advice - so a wilful man must find his own way (rather than be guided). It is a criticism or a statement of the inevitable, not praise.

: 2)The rich man has his ice in the summer and the poor man gets his in the winter

in times past, ice would not have been available in the summer to cool the poor, yet they would have too much coldness in the winter and would not have been able to afford much heating. In other words effective temperature regulation was a luxury. also - the idea of ice in the summer is that of enjoying drinks.