About hamburger

Posted by R. Berg on September 06, 2003

In Reply to: About hamburger posted by sphinx on September 06, 2003

: Louie's Lunch in Newhaven has 1 speciality, the hamburger. Plain and simple. A sign on the wall says 'take it my way or no way at all.' Another has a picture of crossed out ketuchup bottle with the words 'Don't even ask.' But none of this seems to matter here. people have been crowding into this spot for 100 years.

: 1.Could you explain 'take it my way or no way at all.' and 'Don't even ask.'?

: 2.Why 'this' usually matters? Why 'this' don't matter here?

: 3.How is ketchuo "crossed out"?
: Thanks in advance!

1. "Take it my way . . ." is a warning to customers: Hamburgers are served in the style the chef has chosen. If you want your hamburger with onions, for example, you won't get it at Louie's. "Don't even ask" for ketchup. Louie won't let you have ketchup.

2. "This" refers to the previous statements in the text about Louie's. Those statements describe a place where customers have no choices. Louie has made all the decisions for them. Many people don't like to eat at a place like that.

3. A picture of a ketchup bottle with a thick line or an X drawn across it. It means "No ketchup."