Posted by ESC on September 02, 2003

QUARTERLIFERS - "The job market is so bad that unemployment went down - because people were so discouraged they stopped looking for work. But the jobless aren't the only ones complaining. Meet the employed, educated 'quarterlifers' in crisis. They're 20- and 30-somethings who might appear to have it made in this cruel economy, but are still asking themselves, à la the late Miss Peggy Lee: 'Is That All There Is?'" From "Woe Are We/ Educated, Employed 'Quarterlifers' Looking for More" by Geraldine Sealey. September 2, 2003. abcnews.go.com/ sections/us/Business/quarterlife030902.html Accessed September 2, 2003.

How many names is this generation going to have? And the answer is, yes, that's all there is.