Among other things

Posted by Bob on October 06, 2003

In Reply to: Among other things posted by sphinx on October 06, 2003

: : "It would be right to describe your father, among other things, as a very hard-working person."

: : Could you please use another phrase to explain the confusing saying "among other things"?
: : "Fisrt of all"?

: I got the definition:
: "When you use the phrase among other things, you are indicating that something is one characteristic, example, situation, etc. of many other characteristics, examples, situations, etc. which you could have mentioned instead. "

: But cannot understand these sentences!

: What about "He suggested, among other things, that she might stay there for a few days. "?

The speaker is choosing one of several things to focus on. So, he suggested a number of things, among them that she stay for a few days. It wasn't the only thing he suggested, but let's focus on that one,
And - your father is a hard working person. He is many other things (left-handed, bald, vain, six-toed, sober, male, mature, half-dressed, generous, tidy) but I want to emphasize his hard work. So, among other things, he's hard working.