About 'Shape of My Heart'

Posted by Sphinx on October 08, 2003

In this song of BSB, I have some difficulties:

1.'...don't put out the glow.'
Could you explain this figurative language?

2.'hold me now,don't bother, if every minute it makes me weaker, you can save me from the man that i've become.'
Why 'hold' me? What kind of man 'I' have become?

3.'i was trying to be someone, I played my part and kept you in the dark.'
How to explain 'kept you in the dark'?

4.'so help me I can't win this war'
Is it a 'war'?

And could you introduce briefly about the major idea, the theme of it? What kind of boy is 'I' in the song?
What does 'shape' refer to in its title?

Great thanks for your attention! I know these may be troubling but I really need a hand!