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Freaky Friday (movie)

Posted by Lewis on September 11, 2003

In Reply to: Freaky Friday (movie) posted by sphinx on September 10, 2003

: How is freaky? And what about "get your freak on" in the poster?

Sorry I can't be entirely certain for you without seeing the poster - but "freak" has a number of different usages. The most common usage is for freak to be used as a verb - to freak - usually to 'freak out'. in that context it means to have a fit - 'the screaming abdabs' and for that to be a massive over-reaction to something.

It was also used traditionally to mean something superficially unusual : 'a freak' is a disparaging way to refer to soembody who is exceptional in some way - particularly if they have an unusual appearance eg 'the elephant man' or a 'bearded lady' or conjoined/Siamese twins - all would have been in "freak shows" where the manager would charge people to see them. Michael Jackson, the singer, is often regarded as a modern "freak" due to the cumulative effect of (alleged) plastic surgery.

natural phenomenon such as exceptionally high winds, tides or rainfall can be called "freak" - eg "a freak storm hit Japan with tsunamis and tides reaching 80 feet"

add to those meanings that using dial-tone simulators to make telephone call without payment was called freaking/phreaking (mainly in the 1980s) and a popular 1970s disco dance "the freak" (c'est chic) and I think you probably have enough to chose from.