Butties need bread

Posted by TheFallen on September 24, 2003

In Reply to: Butties - exotic cusine posted by Word Camel on September 14, 2003

: : Help, Britons! Checked the archives, but no go. I just read a report in the Mirror (blush) which described Tara P-T as reduced to eating "bacon butties" in her reality TV effort. Please describe how to make one, ingredients, etc? Also: "chip butties". Are these ordinary breakfast dishes? Snacks? Made only at home, or also available commercially?

: A butty is simply a roll filled with bacon - (You can have brown sauce with it) or chips (french fries). I am very fond of bacon butties but the chip butty seems al ittle too starchy to me. Some people love them though.

Strictly speaking, a "butty" should be a sandwich and not a roll. It's a Northern English word and the first syllable is pronounced to rhyme with "put".

To be a proper butty, it has to be made with two very thick slices of bread (aka doorsteps) which are invariably buttered - a practice that seems to be unknown in the US. Butties can contain bacon (usually slathered with brown sauce or ketchup), chips (not really french fries - the British chip is far fatter and never crunchy... imagine Roseanne Barr rather than Kate Moss) or anything else, really. Jam butties (that's jello to anyone in the US) are also a staple snack.