Parent One/Parent Two

Posted by ESC on September 02, 2003

PARENT ONE/PARENT TWO - "For a total of 21 years and two children. I was a father, a dad. My wife was a mother and a mom. Yet now, according to the Fayette County (Kentucky) public school system. It has all been for naught. Alas, we are now merely Parent One and Parent Two. That's right, folks. If you've actually read the myriad forms and permission slips emanating from Central Office, you will find that there is no longer any space for mother's or father's signature. Instead: Parent One and Parent Two.Don't get me wrong; I don't care who's bringing up baby. But I do resent being forced to put my pinch of incense on the altar of political correctness." From "'Mother,' 'father' latest sacrifices on schools' PC altar," guest column in the Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky., September 2, 2003.

I thought this was interesting -- a reflection of changing times, etc. On a personal note, when I took my children to get their learner's permits (for driving licenses), I was taken aback when the clerk ask me if I was their "biological mother." The possibilities I can think of were: biological mother, adoptive mother, foster mother, (all covered by "mother") stepmother, Dad's girlfriend, neighbor, stranger off the street. The real question should have been, did I have custody with authority to sign their paperwork. I didn't like the sound of "biological mother." It sounds like I grew them in a petri dish or something.