Brits: have a balti and a beer ?

Posted by TheFallen on October 13, 2003

In Reply to: Brits: have a balti and a beer ? posted by pdianek on October 13, 2003

: I just read the following in the Yorkshire Post: "We wanted to encourage people to go out for the evening by bus, enjoy a balti and a couple of beers...."

: As a Yank, I understand from the article's context that they're talking about curry -- in Birmingham -- but what's the derivation of the word "balti", and does it have a special meaning different from "curry"?

: Thanks.

You're right. A balti is indeed a type of curry that's legendarily popular in Birmingham and throughout the Midlands. It's named after the rounded iron skillet that it's both cooked and served in and is usually accompanied by naan bread rather than rice. The origins of the word itself are presumed to stem from Baltistan, a mountainous region of present-day Pakistan.