Creative exclamations needed

Posted by ESC on September 22, 2003

In Reply to: Creative exclamations needed posted by Word Camel on September 22, 2003

: : Does anyone watch "Trading Spaces"? It's the American cousin of Britain's "Changing Rooms." Neighbors switch houses and decorate a room with the help of a designer and a carpenter. Each team gets to see the newly decorated room during the "reveal" and the homeowners inevitably yell, "Oh my GAWD."

: : Trading Spaces discussion board folk are looking for some creative exclamations to take the place of OMG. Anyone have any ideas? Here's what I've come up with:

: : Leaping lizards.
: : Oh, my stars and garters.
: : Good golly Miss Molly.
: : Heavens to Betsy.
: : Yowser!!
: : Godfrey Daniel.
: : Jeepers creepers.
: : Great grandmother on a plate.

: : (The origin of the last one was a topic I started concerning a designer putting granny's photo on a plate.)

: Not so creative but here's a few...

: Great balls of fire!
: Landsakes (is that what it is?)
: Oh my gosh!
: Get outta here!

: Do you think anybody would ever use these?

Sure!! I am composing a list for use as a reference by the homeowners.