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Posted by The Fallen on February 19, 2002

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: : I heard through the grapevine of the Bill Bryson fans that his father, BB senior, wrote a book about the languge of baseball. It's long out of print and I've not been able to find it in the library or on the web - though admittedly I've not searched exhaustively. I was wondering if any one here knows the book. I'd like to track it down and read it. Does anyone know the reference? I fear I may have it wrong. Does anyone know of any other books on the same theme. The Yankees have reported for Spring training and I too feel I should be gearing up.

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: I'm pretty sure that what you're looking for is a collection of writings by Bill Bryson sr, who had a 50 year career on the Des Moines Register as their senior baseball staff writer. He apparently frequently researched the origins of baseball terms such as "fungo" and featured his findings in his newspaper columns. The book collecting his writings is called "The Babe Didn't Point: And Other Stories about Iowans and Sports". The url below has a pdf document giving a small 3 page autobiography about the author

Oops... try this instead. The link doesn't like linking to pdf files. SportsLibrary/JSH/JSH1989/JSH1603/jsh1603p.pdf