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And Katzenjammer Kids

Posted by Nita on March 08, 2002

In Reply to: Wimpy, wimps, and names in general posted by nita on March 07, 2002

Have you ever heard a cat wailing and felt that you could relate? Apparently some German speakers once did. "Katzenjammer" comes from the German "Katze" (meaning "cat") and "Jammer" (meaning "distress" or "lamentation"). The word literally means "wailing of cats," but it
is used for a hangover or a depressed feeling. English speakers borrowed the word in the 19th century, and eventually applied it to
commotion as well. The word isn't as popular in English today as it was around the mid-20th century, but it's well-known to many because
of the "Katzenjammer Kids," a long-running comic strip featuring the incorrigibly mischievous twins Hans and Fritz.

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