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Military Musical Slang

Posted by James Briggs on March 15, 2002

In Reply to: Military Musical Slang posted by TheUnlurker on March 15, 2002

: : are there any experts out there who can help me with the word drynack it is used in the context of hand copied music manuscript as in "I am busy dryknacking
: : this marchcard." or "Its a dryknacked part" I have spoken to many musicians about this slang,some feel it may be of a Germanic nature, any ideas anyone.
: : Please e~mail me
: :

: I've never heard the term and my German isn't, well shall we just say, "isn't".

: However music is often written in three-parts, "Drei Noten" literally means "three-notes", and except for a vowel or two, it's pretty close.

I don't think it's German. I speak the language reasonably well, but my German wife speaks it perfectly! I tried out the phrase on her, and it meant absolutely nothing to her. However .... others may know differently.

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