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Candy ass

Posted by ESC on April 05, 2002

In Reply to: Candy ass posted by Jay on April 05, 2002

: a candy a** is a sissy, a sensitive unathletic kid, a pansy -- where did the term come from???

Looks like it came from the world of work.

CANDY - adj., Labor. 1. candy-assed. 1911 "Hampton's Mag." (Jan.) 20: Are you going to be a fashion plate, a candy dude, insult us this way.2. (of a job or the like) having pleasant or advantageous conditions; soft; easy. 1930 "D. Stiff' "Milk and Honey" 201: " 'Candy job' is the pleasant job."

CANDY-ASS - noun. 1.a. a weakling or coward - usually considered vulgar.1933 "Leatherneck": (April) 14: "Pvt. Bob McCallum, a recruit who looked like a potential fighting man when he enlisted, has been shanghaied into the clerical force and now carries the moniker Candy Ankles..b. cowardice or weakness - constructed with "the" - usually considered vulgar. 1967 W. Crawford "Gresham's War" 114: "You've changed. Got the candyass now, huh?."

From the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume 1, A-G by J.E. Lighter, Random House, New York, 1994.

I love it when they say, "usually considered vulgar." When would it be considered genteel?

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