Local English Sayings

Posted by Gary on May 18, 2002

In Reply to: Local English Sayings posted by psi on May 18, 2002

: : The link below is to a small site of 'Black Country' sayings. The 'Black Country' is the old industrial heart of England. Some of the Sayings I recognise as being used well outside that part of England. Do others use them too?

: : NB Please note lack of apostrophies!

: - but you've made up for it with that extra I ;-)

: I'm familiar with about a third of these, but there's only one that I'd consider using myself: daft ha'p'orth. They certainly smack of that area north of Watford which we Southerners call the North.

: psi

North! Deserving of a cog-winder. The Celestial City (Birmingham) is 100 miles from the North.

US citizens wanting a flavour of B'ham - think Ozzy Osbourne.