Spike Milligan

Posted by TheUnlurker on February 27, 2002

Spike Milligan, the British comic genius, author, poet, wordsmith and rebel died today.

Maybe that's why the forum is so quiet.

He wrote doggerel doggedly. This is a not untypical example:

There are holes in the sky.
Where the rain gets in.
But they're ever so small.
That's why the rain is thin.
Spike Milligan

And a quote...
The best joke I did with Eccles [A clueless character from The Goon Show. TU] was he was in class, they were trying to teach the Theory of Relativity to this idiot. "Now look, Eccles, jump up in the air. You see what happened then? You had to come back down to earth again." "Yeah, I had to come back down to earth." "Yes, why?" "Well, I live there!"

[From an interview with Van Morrison www.harbour.sfu.ca/~hayward/van/reviews/1989august.html]