Encroaching Senility & The Possessive Apostrophe S

Posted by TheFallen on April 03, 2002

I've just re-read my post on Columbus and noticed that I used the phrase "Columbus' error". Though the rules for the use of the possessive apostrophe s are without a doubt more lax these days, if I am to remain a stickler to the original rigid rules, I think I should have rendered this as "Columbus's error". The trouble is, I now forget. I still think I remember that the plural possessive is rendered with a simple apostrophe - "the dogs' dinners" - unless the plural noun does not end in an "s" itself - "the children's game".

I am at a slight loss when it comes to singular nouns ending in "s", though. Does the King James Bible *really* feature phrases similar to "Jesus's disciples"? Could someone kindly refresh my tired brain as to correct usage? Thanks in advance.