Historical phrases

Posted by R. Berg on February 07, 2002

In Reply to: Historical phrases posted by ESC on February 07, 2002

: : I am a World History teacher and found your site to be an outstanding way to show kids a link between the past and the present. But is there a way to find/search these by historical time periods (Ancient Greece/Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, etc?

: : Does anyone have any ideas?

: Gary the owner of the site is on vacation. I don't believe he has the phrases grouped in that manner. Does anyone know?

: There are several books that address the issue of the influence of immigrants on American English. Stuart Berg Flexner devotes several chapters (for example one on Irish words in our language) to the subject. That connects the past to the present.

Searches of the Discussion forum archives using words related to history and origins, like "Renaissance" and "century" and "nautical," should produce some useful material for your purpose (as well as some not useful).