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Local English Sayings

Posted by Gary Martin on May 18, 2002

In Reply to: Local English Sayings posted by James Briggs on May 17, 2002

: The link below is to a small site of 'Black Country' sayings. The 'Black Country' is the old industrial heart of England. Some of the Sayings I recognise as being used well outside that part of England. Do others use them too?
: NB Please note lack of apostrophies!

This is my territory so to speak, as I was born and brought up in the Black Country, and was all of 18 before I found out that not everyone understood blartin', lampin' and werritin'. Strange even now to add apostrophes as no one ever pronounced them with a 'g' at the end and they were scarely ever written down, so what would the apostrophe be in place of?

This dialect has largely died out now, apart from its celebration/exploitation by the cultural tourism industry centrered around the Black Country Museum - which is well worth a visit by the way. My mother stills uses most of the listed expressions though.

I would query the 'up the wooden hill to Bedforshire'. That's a southern, middle class import. More Blue Peter than Black Country.

PS Bob. I tried to reply to your recent e-mail but the reply bounced. A new discussion group list is on the way shortly and this one will join the archive.

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