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Kick in the pants

Posted by TheFallen on March 27, 2002

In Reply to: Question about a phrase posted by Sarah on March 27, 2002

: HI,

: I just heard the phrase "she's a real kick in the pants" the other day and I would like to know what it means. It came from a guy talking about a girl that he knows. If anyone has a clue...I would greatly appreciate and answer. Thanks!

: Sarah

My first and instant reaction is to presume that the girl in question was a huge let-down in some way, presumably after having shown some promise... to call someTHING a "kick in the pants" means that the thing in question has suddenly turned out to be a major disappointment. I am almost certain that this is what is meant in this instance, though there is a slightly makeable case for the phrase meaning almost the exact opposite, dependant upon how the word "kick" is interpreted. I'll hurriedly go with my first thoughts though.

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