"Dear Mr. Jackson" (continued from previous page)

Posted by Word Camel on February 02, 2002

In Reply to: "Dear Mr. Jackson" (continued from previous page) posted by R. Berg on February 02, 2002

: Mr. Jackson, I have to disagree. Providing a link to your personal website is not the equivalent of providing your e-mail address. In this case, your website, as far as I can tell from looking only at its home page, is all about religion and not at all about language. Because this forum concerns phrases, its readers' interests would have been matched more closely by typing the URL for the Murgatroid site in the "Optional Link URL" box so that we could easily view your Murgatroid source. Instead, we had quick access to the personal page and more difficult access to the Murgatroid page. The way to make your e-mail address available is to type it in the box labeled "E-Mail."

I agree with R. Berg on this. I was confused but the link, searched in vain for the origin of Murgatroid on the site and ended up feeling annoyed and hard-done-by before I realised my mistake.

Next time, you might want to quoting from the site. It's just considerate, you know?