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Uncle Miltie phrases

Posted by James Briggs on March 29, 2002

In Reply to: Uncle Miltie phrases posted by ESC on March 28, 2002

: From a New York Times article (March 28, 2002) by Lawrence Van Gelder about the death of Milton Berle, "Mr. Television," (1908-2002) on March 27.

: "I swear, I'll kiwl you, a milwyun times." Mr. Berle.

: Uncle Miltie. "One night in 1949, to fill some air time, he addressed himself to the children in his audience, saying: 'Since this is the beginning of a new season, I want to say something to any of you kiddies who should be in bed, getting a good night's rest before school tomorrow. Listen to your Uncle Miltie and kiss Mommy and Daddy goodnight and go straight upstairs like good little boys and girls.' And almost in a twinkling, he was everybody's Uncle Miltie."

: "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do." Pitchman Sid Stone.

The Times had him has the main obituary today - see link below. Wasn't he also known as 'Miltown' Berle or similar, after the popular pre Valium tranquiliser? If so, why?

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