"one in the same"

Posted by MLM on March 23, 2000

In Reply to: "One in the same" posted by ESC on March 23, 2000

: : We have a disagreement over a saying. Is it "one in the same" or "one and the same?" An example would be: "Our town is a place where neighbors and friends are one in the same."
: : I would appreciate opinions on this.

: : Thanks.

: I couldn't find this in any reference book. Here's my vote. One and the same. "Was that John?" "One and the same."

Whoever suggested it was "one in the same" didn't know what he was talking about and just heard the phrase wrong. If it was "one in the same" you would need a noun following the word "same." But in the real phrase "one and the same," the word "same" is used in its noun form meaning.