Posted by ESC on May 05, 2000

In Reply to: Help with meanings of these phrases. posted by Selvan on May 05, 2000

: Hi!

: Could someone out there help me with the meanings of the following phrases:

: -I'll stay out your hair
: -Sticking out like a sore thumb

: I think I know the meanings of the above, from usage...but...

: Thanx much!

: -Selvan

"I'll stay out of your hair" means: I won't bother you. I'll leave you alone to get on with your work (or whatever). I won't be a pest.

"Stick out like a sore thumb" means something or someone is obviously different from the rest of a group. So different that it is immediately noticed. "A man dressed in a business suit on a beach 'sticks out like a sore thumb.'"