Rogue states rogue nations rogue regime who 1st said it?

Posted by Helen Trench on April 24, 2000

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: the term "rogue nations"or "rogue states"was first used between 1989 and 1996. Until 1989 the main threat for the US was the Soviet Union. When the Cold War ended, a group of nations would become a new threat: North Korea, Iraq, Iran and others. They had missiles or chemical weapons, or even nuclear weapons. In april 1996 US Defense Secretary William Perry published a preface to a DoD report in which he used the phrase. who first coined it?

William Pitt - The Younger - British Prime minister is alleged to have first used the phrase in 1804 in reference to the activities of France and that up and coming ex-colony, the United States of America. I'm not sure that either country would now recognise themselves in the category of rogue state but there was a time when France were less disciplined in their relationships with their neighbours. This required a considerable effort by the British, and eventually essential assistance from the Prussians, to convince them to adopt a less aggressive way to handle international relationships. The inclusion of the USA as a rogue state had more to do with it's relationship with the French than with any independent action taken by the USA at the time.