Pop stand

Posted by Bob on March 28, 2000

In Reply to: Pop stand posted by Kim on March 28, 2000

: Can anyone fill me in on the derivation of the phrase "Let's blow this pop stand?"

: Thanks for any insights in advance.

: Kim

Usually, it's "popsicle stand." Popsicle (a registered trademark, I hasten to add in case there are any lawyers listening) is a frozen confection on a stick, just water, sugar, artificial colors, etc. Very inexpensive. The kind of store or streetcorner vendor that would sell it would be what we might call a "marginal business." Ok, having said all that, the phrase means "let's leave this no-longer-interesting place, and move on to biger and better things." Equivalent to "let's shake the dust of this town off us...etc." "Blow [out of] town" is an older usage; the popsicle stand reference is meant to denigrate the place being vacated, in a jocular manner. No offense intended.