Marxist Critique

Posted by Bruce Kahl on April 06, 2000

In Reply to: Marxis posted by Tomar on April 06, 2000

: Does anyone know what a "Marxis Kritik" in the context of a debate is? Does anyone know who/what Marxis is?

Marxist Criticism is directed toward showing how one class directly and intentionally tries to alienate another. Capitalist ideology argues that no one is being oppressed in their system and that everyone has the same opportunities. The Marxist view holds that capitalism is, by its very nature, oppression personified.
The Marxism vs Capitalism concept lends itself very easily to a debating situation. Many societal givens can be debated as a Marxist Critique.
For instance, it can be agrued that men have exploited women and throughout history women have played a subordinate role to men. A Marxist view or critique would agrue that this is a class struggle of oppression.
A Marxist view or critique of sociobiology would argue that just as the nature of ants creates colonies of queens, drones, workers, and slaves, the nature of humans creates racism, sexism, patriotism, wars, religion, and class exploitation.