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Billy no mates

Posted by Pamela on August 18, 2007

In Reply to: Billy no mates posted by Dan on August 17, 2007

: "Billy no mates: Coined in the youth culture of the UK in the 1990s."

: Just some added info on this one. The phrase "Scotty no mates" was very prevalent in Australian youth culture throughout the 1980s. Perhaps Billy no mates is a derivation of this? I believe Scot was chosen as a name as it rhymes with "got" ... as in he's got no mates. A later addition used the name Neville instead of never: He's Scot no mates and Neville will.

Yes, we used to say "Scot no mates and Neville will." I assumed also that the Scot came from "he'SGOT no mates". It doesn't seem that common, though, "Scottie no mates" gets 4 hits on Google, the "Scot" version about 300 and "Scot", 7. (I didn't check the context). The Neville part didn't have any. Pamela