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Sometimes a river

Posted by Baceseras on August 06, 2007

In Reply to: Sometimes a river posted by Smokey Stover on August 04, 2007

: : : : : Does anyone know what the phrase "...but sometimes a river" means? Like why would someone conclude a sentence with that? It's more or less driving me crazy trying to get to the bottom of that.

: : : : "Usually I swim in a lake, but sometimes a river." Is that the sort of sentence you mean or is there more to it?

: : : I'm confused, too. What's the complete sentence, and what is it from?
: : : SS

: : Maybe it's "Sometime ... or never." Someone could be declining to do a task that was asked of him: "Sure, I'll get around to that ... sometime .... [then under the breath:] or never."

: Sometimes A River The String Cheese Incident lyrics
: Artist: The String Cheese Incident
: Album: One Step Closer
: Year: 2005

: I was cleaning the ash from the fire
: and putting the party away
: helping out all of my lost friends
: to see the light of day

: I was feeling the wind through the windows
: Sometimes it crashed through the wall
: seems like it comes out of nowhere
: theres no warning at all

: chorus
: sometimes a river
: sometimes a river
: runs dry
: sometimes a river
: sometimes a river
: runs high
: ...........................................
: There's lots more. See, inter alia,


: SS

Sometimes I live in the country -
Sometimes I live in town -
Sometimes I get a great notion
To jump in the river and drown.

Irene, good night, Irene, good night -
Good night, Irene, good night, Irene -
I'll see you in my dreams.

(Words and music by Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter))

If the river was whiskey and I was a duck,
I'd dive to the bottom and I'd never come up -

Oh tell me how long do I have to wait,
Can I get you now, or must I hesitate?

(Traditional song)