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Herd cats through a waterfall

Posted by Pamela on August 15, 2007

In Reply to: Herd cats through a waterfall posted by Smokey Stover on August 15, 2007

: : : So has anyone heard this one? "It's like trying to herd cats through a waterfall" which is to say this is very difficult to almost impossible.

: : I haven't heard that one, but there are several phrases like it, such as "to mind mice at a crossroads", which is traditional in Ireland (and probably quite a few other places as well) (VSD)

: In the U.S., "like trying to herd cats" is heard often, without the qualifying "through a waterfall." Perhaps we just haven't heard the qualifier, or perhaps it doesn't significantly add to the difficulty of herding cats.
: SS

"Like trying to nail jelly to a wall" is my favourite. I to have heard heard the herd cats sans the waterfall. Pamela

By the way - the "jelly" is made with jelly crystals, it is not the "jelly" that US speakers use for our "jam". Pamela