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Dang NOT!

Posted by ESC on July 12, 2003

In Reply to: Dang NOT! posted by Bruce Kahl on July 12, 2003

: : : : I have searched and searched online for a definition of "literary reference." My question is, can the term be stretched to include not just works of literature but plays, movies, etc.

: : : : I was talking about a reference to a movie and used "literary reference." I was corrected (I hate that) and told what I mean "cinematic reference."

: : : : I backpedaled/saved face by saying the work in question was literature (a book) before it was a movie. But I am still curious about whether the term can be stretched a bit.

: : : : I hate being wrong.

: : : Me too. Having looked at a dictionary entry for "literary," I think the word would break if stretched as far as movies.

: : Dang.

: In another life I worked in the NYC public schools as a teacher of Language Arts.
: I once created an advanced placement class entitled "Film as Literature" which was an upper level Language Arts elective.

: Leave the Terminators and Matrices for a while and think of plot, characters, setting, themes, style, symbolism and tone in film AND literature.
: Think of The world outside Hollywood, of people composing in text and on film: the craft and materials of plain ol' storytelling with film as one of our culture's most recent and influential forms of storytelling.

: Tell your buddies who corrected you that film and lit are "cultural documents" and that may just be the stretch you are looking for.

Thanks ever so.