A difficult sentence

Posted by Miri Barak on July 01, 2003

Dear friends,
I have a very unclear sentence, I hope you'll be able to help me. It concerns a passage from Genesis and its subject is the final form of this passage. I need only the sentence between stars ** (down below):
"I shold stress that I do no regard an over-riding concern for the final form of the text as precluding acceptance of the possibility that some, if not much, of the material, has been incorporated into the final form largely because it has become traditional. We do not have to suppose final authors of our texts being actively engaged in the precise wording or arrangement of every part to their material; **Final form criticism - if it may be so designated - makes only the assumption of authorial intention in the end-redacors**, and authors obviously have many different styles of handling their material.

Most unclear to me is the clause: if it may be so designated
Many thanks