Ten Four...Over and Out

Posted by Henry on July 17, 2003

In Reply to: Ten Four...Over and Out posted by Shae on July 17, 2003

: : what is the meaning of 10-4? I find myself saying it on my Nextel every day, but have no idea what it means. Please Help.

: Ooooh! Trying to remember my CB codes from way back in the good ol' days when my handle was Julius Caesar. 10-4 means 'Message understood' and is sometimes abbreviated to 'That's a 4!' 10-20 means 'location' as in 'what's your 20?' I'm fairly sure that the '10-' code has its origins in US police radio jargon.

: As for 'Over and out,' you would be shot out of the water if you used the phrase on marine radio. 'Over' means 'I have finished speaking and am awaiting a reply.' 'Out' means 'I have finished the communication.' 'Over' and 'Out' should NEVER be used together in serious radio communication.

10-4 was frequently used over the radio in the 50s police TV series Highway Patrol starring Broderick Crawford.