"it is argued"

Posted by R. Berg on July 26, 2003

In Reply to: "It is argued" and "in column " posted by Henry on July 26, 2003

: : 1."It is argued that books will be no longer necessary after each family owns a computer."
: : Does "It is argued" mean "it is inferred or indicated"?

: : 2."The export increase in column by 10 percent over last year."
: : Waht does "in column" mean?

: 1. Yes. By reasoning, it is predicted...
: 2. This is more difficult! It may refer to information given in a table. The vertical lines are columns, and the horizontal lines are rows. Information may be contained in a column or in a row.

"It is argued" is used when disagreement exists, when a question is unsettled. Not everyone thinks books will become unnecessary, but someone has "argued" that they will. To argue in this sense means to set forth an argument for or against some conclusion, as attorneys in court argue for one side of a case or the other.