Bee line

Posted by ESC on July 28, 2003

In Reply to: To make a Bee Line for something posted by Rachel on July 28, 2003

: I have tried looking for the meaning/origin of the phrase "To make a Bee Line for something", but cannot find it.

: Is it not listed, or am I being blind and not seeing it?

: Thanks

: Rachel

It means a straight line and comes from the behavior of bees.

"There is no disagreement among scientists that returning foragers dance in the hive. Everyone also agrees that once a forager locates a good food source, she will be able to fly directly to and from that flower patch. That is, she flies a straight line (a bee-line) to the food patch from the hive using local landmarks and the sun for orientation." pov/wenner/abjoct1992.htmAccessed July 28, 2003. Bee Research Digest, ABJ - October, 1992 - Pages 641-644, by Edward E. Southwick, Department of Biological Sciences, State University of New York.